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Default Re: The Xbox One - Part 3

Originally Posted by Eklypze View Post
I was just giving examples of the stuff I've heard about the system and asking if they're all true or not. The one thing y'all pick to even mention from my comments is the smallest problem I even mentioned. Maybe I wanna take my console over to a buddie's house who doesn't have one. It doesn't really matter why I would want to do something anyways what matters is the limitations they are putting on this system. No rented or used games is the biggest problem to me. That and absolutely having to connect to the Internet daily. I have Internet right now cuz I just moved back in with my parents temporarily but when I lived alone I just flat out couldn't have Internet because the wiring in the building was screwed up. That's a real problem for some people cuz I know a ton of people who don't play online or use Netflix or anything like that. They buy the systems for the one player games alone. I'm still torn whether I'll be getting one of these or not. For now and the forseeable future my 360 is just fine, wish I still had my ps3 though
Microsoft already commented on these issues. The system isn't for you. If you don't have a good, constant internet connection and/or rely on used games to play, this system isn't for you. They've made the decision for you. Stick with the 360 or switch to Sony.

Their slogan at this point is pretty much, "XBOX ONE. Don't like it? Go **** yourself."

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