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Default Re: How much Comedy would you want to see in this film... if any?

Originally Posted by Marvel_SKE View Post
This! 100x
I loved how Marvel makes their tone of their movies, and i do not think they should change that into dark-gritty styled DC. and I do believe Kevin Feige won't change that.

Humor and Laughs particularly are parts of daily life in where I live.
If there is member of this board here who ever seen Japan's superheroes show such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Gavans,and many can see that they were all had similar tone to what Marvel has had done. They are bright, colorful, and also had lots of humor along with it. And i think that's the reason why Marvel movies are much more welcomed in Japan than DC. Not just superhero movies, but in other genre as well, the more comical and more brightful tone is what really gets into (especially) on teenage, young adults here, especially when the source comes from comic books.

And i agree with you too, warhorse78, that life is too short for dark and gritty things.
For me, a movie (with humor aspect on it) could make my life feels more brighter...
I've laughed and enjoying life more after watching Marvel movie like Iron Man 3 than darker serious tone movies such as Watchmen or The Dark Knight.
Don't forget Anpanman.

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