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Default Re: How much Comedy would you want to see in this film... if any?

Nolan's Bat films had humor. The dry dark kind (See Joker, Selina, Bruce and Alfred and Lucius Fox…) Selina Kyle's snark was one of my favorite parts about TDKR.

With Marvel Studios, the humor fit the tone of the movies, didn't feel out of place. I would say that Marvel's use of humor's been pretty much the same, IM3's tone was an action-buddy cop film written and directed by one of the top class action film screenwriters since the 80's. Plus, humor is integral to Tony's character; he uses it to detract from his bigger issues.

Thor: The Dark World could have had a little better balance, but I thought it was enjoyable.

CA:TWS should have humor in it, but as long as it's balanced, doesn't interfere with the big dramatic moments, and serves the characters well, that's all I want.

"Joss Whedon, Shane Black, Edgar Wright, James Gunn [and Ryan Coogler]… For as much flack as people give Marvel that's a pretty freaking great group of filmmakers. Kind of feel spoiled."
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