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Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
I'm pretty sure a Godblast would put Kurse in a coma, it made Galactus flee and it's powerful enough to damage Celestials. He also used to anti-force blast to K.O. Mangog who is leagues above Kurse, he just never used either of those attacks on Kurse himself.

Besides this is the MCU not the comics, I'm pretty sure MCU Kurse is gonna be alot less powerful and more "beatable".
Ya. Cause he isn't exactly a big well known villain. And for mangog.... Are. You referring to when he shoved mjolnir down his throat???

And on a side note... Would you put current mangog that Farr above Kurse?

Mangog in the silver age was a whole different mOnster than he is now. I think he is much weaker now

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