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Default Re: The Gaming Lounge: Beyond - Part 5

Originally Posted by CoolCadaver49 View Post
Ugh, that sounds so terrible. If it gets any worse than what they did to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, then I don't see myself playing any EA games in the future...
I didnt think there was a problem with their setup in ME3 other than that the purchases were random. Besides you didnt have to use real money to buy anything. That was just to speed up the process as you got purchase credit just from playing the game.

Originally Posted by The Squirrel View Post
Yeah, I just got into BF3 so the thought that BF4 will be "pay to win" is saddening.
They didnt say it would be and I dont think thats how it will be. Besides microtransactions already exist in multiplayer games and have been the standard practice for pretty much all of them this gen. I think the statement had more to do with single player experiences as while it exists, isnt as common.

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
In theory there's nothing wrong with it. In practise I think it might be used to make that part of the game that would cost through microtransactions more of a grind than it might otherwise have been to encourage purchases. If true everyone loses! (except EA)
The first thing I thought about was their single player games and how like in Burnout Paradise, you could buy a pack to unlock all the cars, saving you hours of doing it yourself. That makes things less of a grind and they've implemented that into other titles. Its not stuff that you have to use but its there for those that dont want to go through the hassle.

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