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Default Re: The Gaming Lounge: Beyond - Part 5

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
If they're going to implement microtransactions, then I want them to lower the price of their games. Of course that's about as "silly" as wanting Microsoft to remove ads from their premium service that I pay for.
There was talks of them wanting to raise the price of games to $70 because with next-gen here, production costs are going up. lol, all they have to do is dip into their advertising budget and they'll be fine.

Anyway my 2 cents on the whole thing: Microtransactions have the potential to mess with game balance so they shouldn't be placed in single player games, especially full priced single player games. Cosmetic stuff is perfectly fine, like the personality bot pack and even suits, but they're not gonna go down that road since they're turning in a nice profit from people paying $5 a pop for more game resources. All that DLC does is edit a line of code. It's nuts. I'm not going to tell someone not to buy it if they want it but it's nuts.

The gaming industry found the line that can't be crossed when it comes to DLC with on-disc content and launch day content, and even then they're willing to cross that line in special cases so this news doesn't surprise me. Microtransactions are accepted because they're optional.

Originally Posted by jacobed View Post
Never ever understood this complaint, there is literally one advertisement on each tab. Literally one and its the smallest block tucked away in the corner
The video and music tabs, yeah, if I pay for a Gold subscription I'd like to remove those from my dashboard, thanks.

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