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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
I agree with your sarcasm… to an extent.

Once upon a time, a top secret FOS in the exotic and remote Arctic made a certain amount of sense. Now, the world is better explored and – alas – the Arctic is melting. So the very idea of a massive fortress that is both secret and secure is problematic.

But even in the good old days, many a super villain managed to find the FOS and infiltrate, sabotage and/or steal from it. It was a familiar Superman plot device in the classic comics (also used, if you recall, in SII). So as long as we’re not singling out SR as uniquely guilty of this sin, I’ll join you in your criticism.
I think that Jor El initially designed the FOS to be without any security systems so that young Kal El can use it without having to worry about how to access it / enter it but once Kal El got all the info about his extinct world he should have made sure that it was more secure, he should have added some security systems to prevent unauthorized access.


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