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Default Re: SPIDER-MAN 3=Marvel's BATMAN & ROBIN?

SM3 is by far my least favorite of the Spidey movies. It's one of the biggest letdowns in my movie-going lifetime mostly because it didn't fit the mold and I had high expectations. Between SM1 and SM2 there is a progression of 'getting better' as you go from one to the next and I expected to see the same with SM3...that it would also continue to improve upon the series or at least the movie that came before it. I would have settled for the movie being just as good as SM1 seeing as how being better than SM2 is a pretty tall order, imo.

SM3 is quite awful. It has its moments but otherwise it's not a good movie. The OP makes some interesting points about SM3 being similar to B&R and I can agree with what is listed, however in terms of quality, SM3 is a better product than B&R.

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