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Default Re: The Official TDKR Fanart & Manips Thread XI

Originally Posted by marvelanddcfan View Post
Haven't posted any art in a while. Here, I know it's not the best,
but I can imagine JGL taking over as Nightwing. Why Nightwing? The guy was wearing Black and Blue the whole movie, even when he wasn't in his cop attire.

Here's what's behind it:
In my opinion, Batman is DEAD. They raised the statue in his honor, Blake can no longer be a Batman of any sort. If Blake was gonna be a new Batman, we probably would have seen the Batman costume "rise" out of the platform when it rose, when he stepped on it, in like the last 3 seconds of the movie.
Yes, we saw a new Bat Signal, but we can assume Bruce fixed it because he thought Robin would take over the Batman identity. Bruce is over in Florence, he doesn't know the statue has been put up, he doesn't know anything; he's just having a good time in Italy with Selina.

it's Christopher Nolan, and his endings can always be debated, but I'm just telling you how I see it.

I think to maintain a respect to the "deceased" hero, Robin creates his own identity with the tools Bruce and Selina left for him. With Fox as a contact, he can make subtle modifications to the suit to separate it from Batman's, but doesn't compromise it's stability and protectiveness. Gets rid of the cape cause it's "kinda heavy and gets in the way". No full mask, cause Robin Blake isn't afraid to show his face, but for the sake of Bruce's advice (protecting loved ones), he does wear Selina's goggles.

I'm thinking about making a fan trailer soon, when I have a little more time.
I can see this too.

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