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Default Re: Man of Steel - worried about Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, and The Wolverine?

Originally Posted by Deathstroke View Post
They should have given use something a bit more unique with the MoS teaser.

It was basically the same old. Nothing to really set it apart from the other stuff for general audiences. No hook to draw them in to care besides the Nolan name.

I'm getting the impression that Pacific Rim will be WB's baby next year. They will promote the hell out of it.

MoS is the film that no one at WB wanted but they were still forced into making it. I think the promotion for the film will reflect that. That's also likely why they carelessly tossed it into June.
Hmm...the teaser isn't unique? For a teaser representing a Superman film? I know plenty of people in 'the biz' who'd disagree.

'The same old'..? OK, then... Call me when Mr. Bay delivers an actual Cybertronian tale for Transformers 4.

That's why these are called 'announcement teasers'...they're meant as announcements that the film is coming. I also think the campaigns behind some upcoming Summer 2013 tentpoles are adopting some old-fashioned techniques...not showing so much, so early. You know...the way things used to be.

All of Warner Bros. Summer tentpoles are their 'babies.' Things will begin to 'pop' for both films in December. Take a deep breath.

Your last statement is rather full of inaccuracies that I'm not going to qualify here...

Look. No one can predict the future (or box office), but as William Goldman also so famously said about this industry: "Nobody knows anything." The film itself will prove whether it deserves an audience...or not (usually).

CS/SHH!: Well in the first film...(Bale sees the guy asking the question is wearing a Superman T-shirt.)

Bale: Are you doing that on purpose? You woke up this morning and went "right." (laughing)

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