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Originally Posted by batman strikes View Post
A good writer could tell the story in one film, but I just think it would be cool to have this epic battle with doomsday at the end of the second film. The ending would be similar to The Dark Knight where the hero may of defeated the villain but in the end the characters lost so much more.

I think the reason why The Dark Knight Rises worked is because Bane is a fleshed out villain where Doomsday is just a plot device to kill Superman. This means you have to introduce the main villain and then have him use this creature to kill him. It isn't bad its just takes something away from the villain if he has to use another creature to kill the hero. Where if you use Doomsday as a last resort for the villain in the second, you could have a great scene. Of course this only my opinion and I'm sure you and others on the hype could come up with reason why this isn't a good idea.
I think you're correct regarding Bane but I think the film makers on Lives knew that Doomsday wasn't an interesting enough villain on his own. Hence why they made him a weapon (of sorts) for Brainiac. Brainiac is your interesting villain whereas his pet is the one who kills Superman. I think there's actually a good story there that you could use in a Man of Steel sequel. Doomsday doesn't have to be a pet, he could be a being that Brainiac discovers (which he pretty much does in Lives anyway) or even creates.

I just don't know how you make it interesting over two films. The start of the sequel would need big action beats and if you dint have Superman returning until about halfway through i just think it could drag. Maybe if they went with a trilogy in the Death Arc and do:

- The Death of Superman
- Reign of the Supermen
- The Return of Superman (Superman Lives)

I think you'd have to do a Reign of the Supermen film in between cause you certainly can't do a whole film on the World without a Superman. This way you have a full on film with other heroes this would by time and fill in the action beats for Superman's returns in the final film. This would be perfect to release using The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit formula where you release each film at Christmas a year apart.

Alternatively I think you could do two films if you had Supergirl in the story.

But I still feel you could tell it successfully over one film but I think you'd need a minimum of 2 hours 45 mins runtime like the Dark Knight Rises had.

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