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I don't think back then you could have killed Superman off in one film and then done a resurrection movie but I think you could now. Movies like LOTR's have shown that you if u do the format right (I.e. Consective releases) then you can draw a story out and keep it interesting. In LOTR's we know the ring will get destroyed yet its how they get to that, that makes it interesting. Its the same with the Death and Return of, we know Superman's gonna come back but its interesting how it gets there. I think Reign of the Supermen was fantastic. It was a story that allowed them to keep Superman out of the comics even longer and when Superman returned he had a threat to deal with. It also gave me my second favourite comics character in Superboy. Admittedly I don't like the Cyborg Superman think he's a pretty poor villain tbh. Infact when I read the original story I actually thought the Eradicator was Superman. Plus I would love to see that Steel vs Eradicator fight was epic. I think if they were to do it, skip the Cyborg Superman and just have the Eradictor be the villain. I think now you'd have to do it over two or three movies, you couldn't get away with rushing it now.

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