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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
we have no idea what new properties the general audience will be interested in till its released. X-Men with the original cast never made it up to 500 and have all been within 100 mil of eachother anyways. Im sure Dofp will finally break that mold and if it doesn;t there are bigger problems. They will make main X-Men team films no matter what. There is no arguing against it. A higher success will depend on the film's quality staying good, thats always been the case on these big budget comic films.

Deadpool is a solo character. He has his own set of villains in this film and Weapon X isn't even mentioned through his origin. He is one of the few characters who can actually have his own film in the X Men universe and pretty much the last of MAvels big names without a film. Nobody is gonna stop going to main X-Men movies because there was an ass kicking Deadpool film. He is a completely differenet characrter. Giving audiences something new is a good thing.
Thats not true. When it comes to box-office, people can always predict which movies are going to be a hit or not. Of course there will be surprises, but I don't want FOX to take a risk again in releasing spin-offs. If they don't get their money back, it could ruin this franchise and FOX might want to continue the series and they'd just reboot it when the movie rights are about to expire.

And the original trilogy of X-Men never made 500 million but let me tell you - X1, X2 and X3 all reached the top 10 of the worldwide box-office in the year that they were released.

X1 was #9 in 2000 worldwide box-office
X2 was #9 in 2003 worldwide box-office
X3 was #7 in 2006 worldwide box-office

If you adjust their box-office numbers to today's ticket prices, X2/X3 are still one of the top grossing Marvel films to date other the original Spider-Man trilogy/Iron Man 1/2 and the Avengers.

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