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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by ChrisBaleBatman View Post
I would think not. Aren't console launches usually the same date worldwide? Though, I didn't pay attention to that when the Wii U launched, and it feels like a hundred years since the PS3 and 360 launched.
Often. But PS3 was delayed in Europe. For someone who had been anticipating it every day for all those years it was horrendous news! It's that fact that led me to getting an XBox despite being 100% Sony since PS1. I still got a PS3 at launch but by that time I had made loads of XBox buddies who are still great friends today and it's my primary console for multiplats now.

I could see Sony and Microsoft literally launching on the same date, since so much had been made about the leg up Microsoft had gotten this generation by being the first to strike.
That would be very interesting if it happened! First to strike (not being) was just one factor in Sony's poor start but it was definitely an important factor nonetheless.

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