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Default Re: The Problem With Superman

I agree I think ppl got a little too nitpicky with the little stuff in SR,the suit etc.. Again,its not the suits color or shades of color or the material thats made supermans problem.
I think the most problem with superman has been lack of stories,villains in the movies. Superman I,was original and first superman so everyone loved it. Superman II had 3 villains and a decent story,and after that it got real silly. SR as someone said was just a 'flat' movie,it really did'nt have any new excitement. Most believe it was just a rehash of Superman I story...I had no major issues with SR besides story,and lack of pace(very slow).
I just think Supe's needs to be reinvented and some minor changes.The biggest change are more interesting stories,stories that make u want to root for Superman. Lets not rehash the same stories again(about land),needs more depth to them.
Going with a darker tone could be what is needed, I like to see Superman put in compromising positions,positions of choice. Choice if someone dies or lives,and let the audience see the consequences of that choice,ppls reaction,supermans reaction etc...
Villains; lets see some of the more interesting ones,braniac give him a foe that he has to use his brains as well as his brawn. Heck,let them make up a new villain as well,but i'm sure fanboys would cry and complain,but who cares....
In end I think ppl need to relax,and realize comicbooks are just guidlines,and cannot always work on bigscreen. It may work for some characters,but not all. I just hope the new superman reboot comes out soon,as Im a superman fan more so than spiderman or batman..

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