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Default Re: Man of Steel set video

Originally Posted by Prime View Post
Tom Wasnt And im with you on that. I don't know why anyone would want a mediocre at best TV actor, with a boyish voice and facial features, chubby face, floppy lips, 3 expressions and a strong ┬┤┬┤hate`` of the suit and no desire or willingness to wear it even in the last minutes of a 10 season show ( Brian Peterson about TW in the suit: Probably not as soon as you expect, but you never know. The one person who doesn't want to see that unfortunately is Tom Welling, so that's a bigger conversation. ) portray Superman. Not to mention he has no respect for the comics and didn't even want to talk to Chris Reeve about them saying he doesn't want to know anything (trying to cover this as something that would effect his, uh, oscar worthy performance as a young CK ) about the source material. Meh!
Welling is just an idiot...I'm so glad he wasn't cast as Superman. And the Season 11 comic looks horrid. Just seeing a few frames from the comics isn't impressing me. The penciling looks really bad...much like the bad footage in these videos.

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