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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 8

Hmm. The chronology is confusing. I'm thinking the oil rig fire brings Clark out of hiding for her and she is tracking him down, perhaps showing the photo asking for people to identify the man/ask if they've seen him. She does find Clark and convinces him that he doesn't have to hide and offers him a position at the DP. Perhaps Clark had perhaps already found his Scout ship/Fortress (notice he just has a stubble in this scene, as opposed to the fuller beard on the oil rig) and had rejected Jor-Els 'destiny' (boo) because Jonathan Kent basically told him the opposite: not to meddle with human nature and progression, but Lois changes his mind (the 'my father believed that if the world ever...' is surely being told from Clark to Lois). So he goes to the Fortress again. This time emerging as Superman. He flies to Smallville where he embraces Martha Kent. Following that we get the introduction to Metropolis as he bikes through the city streets to the DP, where we meet Perry White and Jenny Olsen :P. So I wonder what the first big Superman outing to the world will be then? The Met subway scene? Vs Zod in Smallville?

I'm actually pretty happy with that order of events. I'd almost put bets on it.

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