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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 8

I think you have to read into what she's actually saying.

She'd been dating a bunch of rich and powerful guys - guys who you would assume attempted to flaunt their power and intelligence in order to 'woo' her.

Of course that brought out the fight in her. Of course it made her determined to show them up, prove herself their better.

But Superman came along, and all he did was respect her. He didn't show off, there was no air of arrogance or importance.

Like she said, the idea of mutual respect between a man and a woman had been an alien concept to her.

But she DOES respect him. More than she did any man before he came along.

When she says she 'finally found a man who could keep up with me', what she means is she finally found a man she would allow herself to give that compliment too. Because he earned it.

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