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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

They could've still kept the cure story and the Phoenix story the problem with X3 was the script wasn't that well developed. One could easily tell that the writer(s) didn't know what to do with certain characters keeping his or her scene(s) 5 mins. top.
The cure story should've had excellent dialogue between Xavier,Rogue,Beast,Storm, gangs of mobs, anti-mutant gangs(think Friends of Humanity) and w/Phoenix should they give Jean the cure?

X3 wasn't that bad of movie, like I said b4 a lot of the scenes could've been better written, had more emotion/depth which is what Singer's crew did...Truth be told we dont know what Singer had planned for his X3 maybe it was the Phoenix/cure plot, but knowin Brian he would've balance both storylines perfectly...

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