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Awesome Re: The Official Gran Turismo Thread

Originally Posted by ProjectPat2280 View Post
Lol, I don't think iv ever seen u give a game lower than a 10. Love the enthusiasm man.

So I was pretty much set to get this game. Im a HUGE sim racing fan(love forza and F12010) but after reading a few reviews it appears like the game is all flash and no substance. I don't care how good the game looks, if they can't nail the feeling of driving a car, they fail.

I still think I'm going to get the game but I refuse to play any sim racer without a wheel. I have the Microsoft wireless racing wheel which is amazing and am wondering if Sony offers something similar? Price isn't too big a deal, actually I don't want any wheel that would cost under 100 bux. Any ideas?
Lol, thanks, I usually rate the games I buy based on how much fun I'm having with them, I mean let's face it, that's what gaming's all about right, having fun!!! Now this doesn't mean that I have low standards, I just usually know before hand, and after doing some research, if I'm gonna enjoy a game that I'm planing to buy!!! I'm usually pretty sure about my purchase, although every now and then I do make a boo boo lol!!! But I rarely buy one I actually hate, others may not like the games I choose, but fortunately or unfortunately for them, they don't have to play them!!!

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