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Default Re: Jamie Foxx IS Electro - Part 1

Not meaning to sound racist, I just hope they do this role right and not go in the cliche route because having a black electro I just picture them wanting to make him cool and hip and edgy and groovy - basically his Djengo persona but a bad guy. Whereas they should hopefully still keep him maniacal, dark, and edgy. Jammie Foxx has that cool kind of edge to him, but he's also a great actor - just hope they cast because of the actor and not "let's make this guy black so he can carry that coolness." Because Hollywood is still known for type casting minorities like that. Electro has always been the opposite of smooth in the comics - well all except for Ultimate but there he was just a henchman. If that makes sense? Seeing how Hollywood thinks, I can see them seeing this way on the role rather than just keeping everything race neutral and just casting by the actor. I mean it is a studio that saw 'black spider-man' as being "funky" instead of creepy... just hoping it's Foxx with a take like 'Spider-Man: Power to the People.'

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