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Default Re: The Anti-Prequel Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
No I was a little kid, and I can't remember if I'd even finished watching return of the Jedi when this came out. It wasn't until I got older and I thought "wait a minute this doesn't really match up".
Fair enough.

And the glaring problem there, is if Lucas had this whole outline of what happened from the conversations in the Originals, why didn't he just do the easy and logical approach and use it as a guideline?
Changed his mind? Wanted to say different things? Lied? Lucas does the latter a lot.

But Leia remembers her being alive in Return of the Jedi and he doesn't seem like he got tricked into doing this. He's acting like someone who was greedy and selfish and is now only a shell of the good man he once was. Still doesn't add up.
The mom being alive is a plot hole. It can be justified, but poorly. The rest adds up just fine for me, it doesn't because you interpret the OT's info on Vader/Anakin differently. Which is fair enough.

Okay thats all fine, but Darth Vader didn't think "the Jedi were evil" when he was choking people out, or when he cut his sons hand off. Not to mention, why did Darth Vader get a strategic military mind, a british accent, and a greatly improved vocabulary between films. I mean Anakin Skywalker is NOTHING like Darth Vader.
Vader had a british accent? In fact, I'd say that Hayden did a great job at kinda imitating JEJ's non-british/non-american accent. And if you're gonna mention vocabulary... ok, he grew older and read books. You can see how this is going a bit too far in terms of criticism, right? Not that I think Vader talked like a scholar or something.

As for the choking and the hand chopping, like I said, he was lost to the Dark Side. He was far gone. After he killed Windu there was no escape.

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