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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
No, it just doesn't work well in an expanded universe on its own. Wakanda is an isolated nation and the only way to make it relevant is by showing how they're an old society who has trouble adapting to the present and must allow outsiders to come in. In the original comics it was the FF that served as an engine for this story. The only way to adequately introduce Wakanda and the Panther is through an Avengers film, and if they're going to do that there's not much point in making solo films for the Panther unless he becomes the breakout star of the Avengers film, especially since Panther doesn't really have any notable classic stories on his own and his rogue's gallery is even weaker than Iron Man's.

And your claim that Ant-Man would be lucky to get half of that is completely unfounded and based entirely on bias. Blade is not anything close to Black Panther besides them both having black protagonists, so that comparison is largely irrelevant.
I agree that the comparisons to Blade are largely irrelevant, but you're limiting BP dramatically. Yes, BP works in an Avengers story, or an FF story, and he's been adapted as such in Avengers:EMH and Ultimate Avengers 2, but he also works on his own, when you realize that T'Challa comes in as a bit of an outsider in the very popular and directly cartoon adapted 'Who is the Black Panther' origin story, and in the definitely classic Panther's Rage (the first serial comics storyline, I might add), he brought along outsiders as well. He doesn't need other superheroes, but other superheroes need him to balance out and texturize their stories, to challenge and advance them in different directions. This is why BP utterly takes over those stories, and like the Ant-Man Avengers stories, all the other heroes become sidelined, almost cannon fodder. Them not prioritizing making a movie out of him is a different issue.

And while BP's rogue's gallery doesn't have as many no-name C-listers, his recurring villains are at least as serviceable as Tony's. It really sounds like part of your perception of the character and what stories can be told with him are out of unfamiliarity. Does that seem possible? Can you say you've read the critically acclaimed BP stories?

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Why would Wakanda need outsiders?

and Blade showed that black superhoroes can be successes globally without Will Smith which is a major factor in getting Black Panther greenlit.
Every story needs an outsider. Someone whom the audience identifies with, who is not already initiated into the fantastic. Usually its the hero/main character when they start out ordinary. For Blade, it was the female doctor.

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