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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by MessiahDecoy123 View Post
Why would Wakanda need outsiders?

and Blade showed that black superhoroes can be successes globally without Will Smith which is a major factor in getting Black Panther greenlit.
Read the stories. The debate over whether or not Wakanda should allow outsiders in and change their ways to adapt to the times and except help from others are key in BP's origins and the unique appeal of Wakanda. You can't get that across in a way that makes sense in a BP solo film in the MCU without it being Avengers 2.5 in essence.

And again, that is irrelevant. Blade and Black Panther are completely different. Yes Blade proved black superheroes can work when done right. That doesn't inherently make BP a goldmine or make it work any better itself in the MCU as a solo film. I'm not saying BP can't be a goldmine, I think most Marvel properties have potential to be, but using Blade as justification and basis for thinking that is silly to me.

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I agree that the comparisons to Blade are largely irrelevant, but you're limiting BP dramatically. Yes, BP works in an Avengers story, or an FF story, and he's been adapted as such in Avengers:EMH and Ultimate Avengers 2, but he also works on his own, when you realize that T'Challa comes in as a bit of an outsider in the very popular and directly cartoon adapted 'Who is the Black Panther' origin story, and in the definitely classic Panther's Rage (the first serial comics storyline, I might add), he brought along outsiders as well. He doesn't need other superheroes, but other superheroes need him to balance out and texturize their stories, to challenge and advance them in different directions.

And while BP's rogue's gallery doesn't have as many no-name C-listers, his recurring villains are at least as serviceable as Tony's. It really sounds like part of your perception of the character and what stories can be told with him are out of unfamiliarity?

Every story needs an outsider. Someone whom the audience identifies with, who is not already initiated into the fantastic. Usually its the hero/main character when they start out ordinary. For Blade, it was the female doctor.
I'm not saying the character itself needs other superheros, I'm saying his movie in the context of the MCU does, which people at Marvel have even specifically said is a reason BP hasn't gotten off of the ground yet. It's difficult to work a BP origin movie into the MCU because Wakanda is so isolated and the backbone of BP's origin story is Wakanda becoming more open to outsiders. How do you accomplish this in the MCU without making it irrelevant and murky continuity-wise or shoehorning other heroes into the film and making it Avengers 2.5 in essence? BP can definitely carry his own solo film if it were not for the MCU, but it's there and they can't ignore it. his origin story is better served being told in an Avengers film, and after that you have to question the point in making a solo BP film. The only reason to is if he's the breakout star from the movie, because otherwise you'd be telling this solo story of a character whose origin didn't get its own individual movie and the general audience won't care about immediately.

This has nothing to do with how well BP works on its own in a vacuum, it has to do with the context of how he would work logistically in an expanded movie universe. I just tacked those comments about his pathetic rogue's gallery and lack of classic stories as further reasons why making a solo BP film would be questionable sans him breaking out in the Avengers. And by "classic stories" I mean notable storylines that have defined the character and been lauded critically and considered classics. BP, much like Moon Knight, has a lack of them which makes it harder to make his movie since Marvel doesn't have anything immediately notable beyond his origin to pull from for his movies.

Originally Posted by RockSP View Post
That's how I feel about your feelings toward Black Panther.
Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I'm starting to think Black Panther won't get a solo movie. His origin works better rolled into another movie's storyline ie Avengers in this case.
As opposed to saying Ant-Man just can't be as popular as BP because he's just not as good a property, as Messiah implied. Completely different things.

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