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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
I'm not saying the character itself needs other superheros, I'm saying his movie in the context of the MCU does, which people at Marvel have even specifically said is a reason BP hasn't gotten off of the ground yet. It's difficult to work a BP origin movie into the MCU because Wakanda is so isolated and the backbone of BP's origin story is Wakanda becoming more open to outsiders. How do you accomplish this in the MCU without making it irrelevant and murky continuity-wise or shoehorning other heroes into the film and making it Avengers 2.5 in essence? BP can definitely carry his own solo film if it were not for the MCU, but it's there and they can't ignore it. his origin story is better served being told in an Avengers film, and after that you have to question the point in making a solo BP film. The only reason to is if he's the breakout star from the movie, because otherwise you'd be telling this solo story of a character whose origin didn't get its own individual movie and the general audience won't care about immediately.
Marvel hasn't said such a thing as far as I know, and I've pored over every statement they've made over the past 4-5 years.

BP has been and can be integrated into the MCU. If you have questions about how to accomplish this, I get that, but to say it's difficult without knowing about his critically acclaimed stories.

Connecting BP to the MCU is as easy as using a single character in the same way that Avengers or the Fantastic Four has been used. I suggest then, because this is exactly what BP has done in his origin stories to connect him to the Western World in comics, all you'd have to do is be more specific about who in the Western World we're talking about. Agent Coulson can stand in for Everett Ross or Hawkeye for Kevin Trueblood. Heck, Hulk can stand in for the Avengers, or Eric Svelwig for Reed Richards. They can play the same roles in the story, and connect BP solidly to the MCU without taking the spotlight off of T'Challa. These are not continuity snarls, these are simply what has always been done with Black Panther. You throw in a Captain America flashback, and a Vibranium storyline in Avengers and you're more than golden.

What about this seems difficult? Isn't this the same *exact* thing they did for Captain America? How do we connect it? Well, we have an object from Thor's world and a character from Iron Man's world (And technically a serum from Hulk's movie) and badda-boom. Connection. It's not difficult because these characters - Black Panther not excluded - are naturally connected to other characters. Are you sure you're not confusing his country's political stance with the way the character actually works?

Now if you are just die hard dedicated to the fact that Black Panther just cannot be told as he has been before, and he has to be in an Avengers movie, and even though the Avengers or Fantastic Four act as a unit, and not individuals in these Black Panther origin stories guest starring other heroes, it's just impossible for a single character to function as that connection in the same way - or maybe you just believe the rumors that he, and by implication his origin, will be in Avengers 2, you may want to note that every successful black superhero, that is, Hancock and Blade, have not featured their origin stories. And didn't come off a billion dollar franchise either. The idea that the audience would not care about a character whose origin they saw just because it had other heroes doesn't seem to happen in reality. The audience cares about the Hulk, the audience cares about Black Widow. These are characters with 12 minutes of screen time.

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