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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 3

Originally Posted by E-Man View Post
Just look at Wakanda like Asgard. They're both places that are far away with a sort of mystical aura about them. They also aren't as isolated as you may think. They have sleeper agents all over the world, and have had them throughout history. That way they're not oblivious to the outside world at all, and can take inspiration from advances outside of Wakanda at their whim if it bothers people too much that they have such capability to be so advanced.

As for the villains thing, you only need three for a trilogy, and really just one to get it started.

First movie- Klaw who is known enough from his FF days, and he's pretty damn powerful enough to make for a good looking villain.

Second movie-Killmonger: He's the one guy that Black Panther hasn't beat. There's plenty with that.

Third movie- if it makes it this far then Achebe, M'Baku, or a Panther trying to regain his throne from Killmonger would make for a good villain. They could even throw in a group like A.I.M. or Hydra since it's all in the Marvel U. There are places to go with that one.
I just can't look at it like Asgard. Yes, Asgard is removed from the rest of the MCU like Wakanda would be, but the difference is that they were able to surcumvent that through the Donald Blake portion of the story, not to mention Asgard opening up is not exactly a big part of the Thor mythos. With Black Panther and Wadanda, T'Challa would HAVE to be in Wakanda for most of the film to keep it in-line with the mythos, sans him going out and searching for other heroes, which again, would turn the move into Avengers 2.5. There's just no way to get around it.

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