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Default Re: What do you consider the best Superman stories?

Originally Posted by UpUpAndAway View Post
Thanks for the info here, new to comics and the only superman I've read so far is all star superman and kingdom come and really enjoyed both of them. I was wondering what else you guys would recommend, stories or key issues, for a new guy like me!
Well I'd highly recommend the Death and Return of series:

A good trade to pick up is the DC Universe Stories of Alan Moore. It features two of the greatest Superman stories ever told in Whatever Happened to the Man if Tomorrow and my personal favourite For the Man Who Has Everything. It also features a really good team up story with Swamp Thing. Plus if you want to expand to other characters of the DCU it has other stories involving Green Arrow, Batman and others.

Another great set of books to read are from the Geoff Johns run, here's my 3 favourites of his:

Also Geoff Johns take on the origin isn't bad either:

"Always hold on to Smallville" - Jonathan Kent (Smallville S10x22 - Finale)

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