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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Again, what he explains is what a lot of us who already get it knew, but as if it was from a dictionary...which might not be all that inviting to someone who doesn't as much. Put it this way, it won't change someone's opinion of it if they're just turned off or bewildered by it.
But, that's the thing. Many people don't like the series because they are confused by it and think it's just a bunch of WTF, pointless symbolism and such. There's so many different theories and speculation out there on internet from people who don't even have a concrete understanding of the series that it makes newcomers even more confused than they already were to begin with.

That's why the information in the videos might make some people go, "Oh, that makes sense", and maybe even make them reconsider their stance on the show. It would at least clarify things.

And, even if certain people don't like the series as much, they can at least pinpoint why they don't like it. Maybe some of them would even find the information fascinating, in spite of their dislike.

For example, I dislike Batman Returns, but I have watched videos to better understand why and what I don't like about it. And even though I don't like the film, I can understand why some people would like it.

There's a vibe and aesthetic to it as well that I think either appeals to someone or doesn't regardless of how well they truly 'understand' it.
I get that it has this certain quality, as you said, that draws certain people in, regardless of whether they like it or not.

What I'm saying is that's not all there is to the series. It's not just about the WTF elements. Even if those particular people don't know or aren't interested in what makes the show tick, it doesn't make any of those facts any less true.

Otherwise, it's like describing how a piano works for someone who doesn't like music. Or in this person's case, people may like music, but may not be as into hearing about the mathematics behind string scale and frequency harmonics.
But information given in the video isn't described like complex string scale mathematics . It's given in a very straightforward, if somewhat rambling, manner. It's not rocket science.

It's better explained through analogies of story arcs that we like. Someone a while back trued to explain what Fooly Cooly was really about....and it's like 'shut up, dude'.
But, there's a distinct difference between the two series. Both of them are like night and day.

FoolyCooly is mainly a "WTF" anime, with lessons of puberty and growing up sprinkled throughout. It was not meant to necessarily make sense or tell a "story". It doesn't take itself seriously, and was mainly made to mess with people's minds for fun. Like you said, it's one of those where you're supposed to shut off your brain and not think about it too much, lest you make your head explode.

NGE, however, was made with the sole purpose of telling a serious story about flawed characters dealing with their problems, with "WTF" stuff sprinkled throughout. It wasn't made with the sole purpose of screwing with people, even if that's what a lot of people got out of it. There's stuff in there that was supposed to make sense, even if you didn't get it right away.

In one of your earlier posts, you said that there are no answers to the series. But, as shown by the videos posted in the channel I linked to, there are. It may not be very apparent to someone who has watched the series for the first time, but it does make sense if research is done.

But, I've said my peace, with my long wall of text.

Make of it what you will, and no ill will intended.

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