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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

I don't know if I would boycott an X-Men reboot, just because I'm enough of an X-Men fan to watch it.

But I probably won't sit on the Hype anticipating it, or make huge plans for a midnight showing or anything else. The day X-Men reboots is the day I stop having an emotional investment in the series, as it will be obvious that the series will no longer be treated with credibility.

Only reboot I've seen in theaters is the Nolan Batman trilogy because that's the exception to the rule, and Casino Royale because I don't consider it anything close to a reboot.

I have happily not seen Incredible Hulk, Man of Steel, Amazing Spiderman, Total Recall, Star Trek, or any other reboot in theaters, and I will be happily adding Amazing Spiderman 2, RoboCop, the eventual Terminator reboot, Batman v. Superman, the eventual Fantastic 4 reboot to my reboot boycott. And I couldn't feel happier for it.

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