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Default Re: The Villains of Ant-Man Thread

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
I hope he is an unimportant side character or there is more too him then that, because if that is all there is too him and he has a lot of screen time, he could dull. Really an outdated propaganda piece character isn't compelling on his own, if I supposed to hate him, give me good reasons besides the fact he is a Castro knock off.

a dictator is only as boring as they want to make him. and there's nothing outdated about it. Castro hasn't been dead that long. we still have North Korea's leader feeding his ex-girlfriend to dogs. the not-dull stuff is whatever he's done to get him on Pym's radar.

Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
Does anyone care though? Really Marvel movies merge characters all the time (like Whiplash and crimson Dynamo) and I don't think Egghead is the most popular villain Marvel around, no has bothered to him bring back from the dead.

Making Corey Stoll wear some ridiculous bald cap that is designed to make him look more like Egghead, would be unintentionally hilarious and would only work if the film was a total farce.
who said anything about reshaping his head? Stoll, if that's even the character he's playing, is already bald. like i mentioned, Egghead isn't a name he gave himself. the evil mad scientist's name is Elias Starr. he's, arguably, no lamer than Baron von Strucker.

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