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Default Re: Thor Pulling Out The Big Guns

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
I think they put that 400% line in there because they figured it would be a funny gag (though technically unreasonable given the premises)--to have Thor's intent backfire on him. They were going to have Iron Man & Thor be a close match whether they did that gag or not.

As the parody script put it, "They proceed to act out their STATS from THE AVENGERS COLLECTIBLE TRADING CARD GAME and establish they are all EXACTLY EQUAL IN POWER, somehow. Guy on steroids, genius in a robot suit, invincible deity: basically identical."
I disagree, that whole fight, ironman was holding his own, I think the reason for the 400% so they could have a reason for it to be an even fight even though it still really wasn't. They certainly aren't equal in power.

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Iron Man was putting up a pretty good fight even before he was powered up though.
Well I was at the beginning of the fight. Thor didn't really DO anything to ironman before he powered him up, remember? Thor throw his hammer, sent ironman to the ground, ironman blasted thor into the tree, then kicked him through the tree. Now at this point, all Thor did to ironman was throw the hammer, thor then takes a year to summon one small bolt of lightning, then powers ironman up. So technically, ironman wasn't putting up a good fight before the power up, cause he was sort of winning. Thor only did one attack, so Thor didn't really get a chance to attack again, since the power up happened pretty early.

then again ironman blasts thor with unibeam, and two repulsors, Thor tanks it (which was pretty impressive in my opinion, agree?), they flew at each other, ironman had the speed advantage, flew him into the trees, then into the mountain, up to this point, ironman landed way more attacks, that thor tanked. Thor's only attack at this point (halfway through the fight) was the one hammer throw that started the fight, and the useless bolt that powered up IM. Ironman's best attacks/advantage, I would say was in this entire part of the fight, though nothing he did seemed to even bother thor remotely, ( i sorta almsot saw it as sorta sparring)

then thor elbowed stark on the mountain, and jumped then both down. Then at that point Thor started to get more serious it seemed like..sorta "enough is enough" and started to physically dominate him, and damage his armor.

So yeah, Ironman put up a good fight before the power up BT, but thor basically only got in 1 attack, and it was an early part of the fight.

Jesus, I am soo over-analytical, sorry if this is too long, I think I may have strayed away from the point,

but do you get what I was trying to say? Hopefully? lol if I got too confusing just go right ahead and say it haha

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Also, Thor *isn't* invincible. He's just really really durable. Hit him sufficiently hard, and he will bruise, bleed, or even die. It just so happens that, in the comics, "sufficiently hard" tends to start at "the Hulk."

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