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Default Re: Oh Jesus, here comes an Andrea thread...

Originally Posted by Darthphere View Post
I think you're trying very hard to defend her.
No, I'm just plagued with seeing it from her perspective lol. She's definitely done some stupid stuff in the past, but her character is not meant to be perfect. Each character in this show handles loss and fear differently. And each character is given a different path to focus on. With Rick, it's the weight of being the leader and the loss of hope. With Andrea, it's the poison of false hope.

Look at the other posts in here not by me to show more examples.
I have and like I said before, I've yet to see anything that justifies all the hatred. There are some things I get (and even agree with) prior to this season, but I think the hate this season (and most of the past) is very much undue.

Maybe I wouldn't leave after the zombie arena but I sure as hell wouldn't be like "Oh alcohol, I guess its ok and you're cute so I'll sleep with you."
I could go into the aspects of Stockholm Syndrome and what loss and fear does to someone when they come across someone in power who offers to protect you, but I'll just leave it at this: if the Governor was a beautiful woman whom you were attracted to and was attracted to you, would you be more or less willing to make concessions?

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