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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Part 2

yeah, I'm not sure about Canary's chances, now.

Boon did say there will be more females revealed. and he used the plural, so it's going to be more than one.

now we have Raven hinted at. let's say she's playable. that's another hero female.

we also know Boon's been talking about Powergirl. she may end being DLC, but let's say she's also on the main roster.

so that would mean we'd have WW, Raven, and Powergirl on the good side. Harley is bad. and Catwoman is neutral-good.

if there were to be anymore females, we'd probably get another villain to even things out.

even if Power Girl were DLC, after Raven, we'd probably get another villain. so you'd have 2 good, 2 bad, 1 neutral.

and remember, Zatanna may or may not have been hinted at, too.

and didn't Boon recently tweet "The question is, Canary, Lightning, or Adam?"

at face value, that would suggest that only one Black-named character would be in, and Boon's already given a strong hint towards Adam.

unless Boon was trolling with that answer as

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