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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

Couldn't sleep so woke up and felt like watching something until I fell back asleep, heh. I just finished episode 10 of Kami-sama no Memo-chou, wow, ending surprised me. I'm liking this series, shame only 2 episodes left. This is one of those animes that feels far too short. It's fairly new though, so hopefully it'll get a season 2.

As for what it is, it's a 12 episode semi detective series with a NEET hacker girl (she refers to herself as a NEET detective, and seems proud of it), and her reluctant new assistant. The art on it is pretty good, and the episodes don't tend to drag or anything. The actually crimes, and detective work aren't as detailed as a Detective Conan, however its not light on the detective work either.

A fairly average guy transfers to a new school, and ends up witnessing a girl leaping out of a window. Then these guys show up, take her, and leave. He attends his first day of school, and a girl finds him alone on the rooftop. She drags him into the gardening club (of all things, lol), then drags him along to her work place to treat him to some food. The guys who he bumped into earlier who took the girl who leapt out of the window work there. They end up introducing him to Alice (the hacker shut in girl) who is surrounded by computer monitors, and stuffed animals. He ends up finding himself helping them without even agreeing to. From there it just goes case to case (though one of the cases spans 4 episodes, and another 3).


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