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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 4

Originally Posted by Sneakronicity View Post
So, how about that plot? Or them awesome characters? How about how rough this entire film is gonna be for poor Steve? How are they going to balance out everything in this film? Is the arrow necklace a little easter egg thing? How much backstory are we gonna get on Fury? How cool is Falcon looking? Are we gonna see some set pics of VanCamp any time soon?

Basically can we talk about anything other than Chris Evans' body for a while? Pretty please?
I am interested in how they're going to connect Agent 13 and Winter Soldier to the SHIELD conspiracy and Nick Fury role in the film. Also, what Winter Soldier's mission is. Seeing as the story takes place in DC, I have to imagine it will be an assassination attempt on the president.

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