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Default Re: Things that bug you.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Gwen Stacy getting pregnant by Norman Osborn!
For that matter, Norman's "O-face" as well.

*As mentioned before, the very existence of the Ultimate Spider-Man show. I got a really bad headache after first watching the pilot. No joke

*OMD/BND/OMIT and all that horrid mess.

*All the love Carnage gets. One of the most one-dimensional, boring Spidey villains around. Even the Walrus had more character than him.

*All the hate Ben Reilly gets. He's actually a very cool character tainted with the mess that was the 90's Clone Saga.

*How Sandman's time as a hero was undone. I really enjoyed his character growth as a member of the Avengers. The whole plot with the split personalities or whatever was horrid, and it ruined much character development.

*Mary-Jane portrayed as some bland, goody goody two-shoes love interest. MJ was always very lively and feisty, and almost all incarnations in other media screw this up badly.

*Electro's stupid starfish mask.

*The Lizard portrayed as a "mad scientist" villain. I prefer him being a mindless, but very vicious and powerful beast. Watching the newest movie reminded me how stupid the whole "Lizard separate persona" really is.

*Ultimate Goblin in general. I'm not opposed to a character's revamping, but Bill Jemas's Goblin missed the whole point and appeal of the character entirely.

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