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Default Re: Marvels biggest slap in the face!!!

Right, Killian was the true Mandarin, but it was just disappointing that the Ben Kingsley Mandarin that had been hyped up since the very first trailer, the one who actually sort of bore a resemblance to the comic version, was just a decoy. At least with Ken Watanabe as "Ra's Al Ghul", there was very little seen of him in the marketing campaign and it didn't make it seem like he was the main focus of the film.

Originally Posted by Kahran Ramsus View Post
I guess my main problem with the X-Men film series is that nobody ever calls out Wolverine on his ****. As the badboy character of the series, that is kind of necessary. Iron Man has Captain America (and Rhodey and Pepper in the solo films), Han Solo has Luke & Leia, James Bond has M and Felix, Kirk has Spock, etc. But Wolverine is ALWAYS presented as being right. At least until his latest film.
Professor X and Storm butted heads with Logan a few times throughout the trilogy, if that makes a difference. Which it probably doesn't.

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As to casting big name actors who don't fit the role but are used because they draw audiences (Jessica alba, Ben Affleck ect...), i've noticed this more and more recently. Glenn close as Nova Prime, Bencio Del Toro as the Collector, James Spader as Ultron, Jamie Foxx as Electro. None of these fit the characters imo, even though they are good actors and will do a good job.
Glenn Close and Jamie Foxx I'll give you, but I think Del Toro and Spader fit their characters perfectly. The Collector's got sort of a wild look to him that Del Toro is good at pulling off, and Ultron needs a unique voice that can be cold and calculating, which I think Spader is more than capable of.

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