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Default Re: Timeline(s) in Apocalypse

I really hope DOFP just wipes out this X-Men franchise and we can start again, the timeline in these movies is already screwed up pretty bad.

A teenage Emma Frost appears in Origins, seeing as a teenage cyclops also appears we can only assume this takes place late 80's/early 90's, yet we have an adult Emma Frost in 1962 in First Class.

Origins strikes again, we see a young Quicksilver as a prisoner, yet we have an older Quicksilver in DOFP set roughly 10 to 15 years earlier.

If Eric and Charles are roughly late 20's/ early 30's in First class in 62, they don't really feel old enough in X1, released in 2000 but set in 'the not to distant future', surely by the upcoming DOFP they would be old as heck/dead/in a retirement home not freedom fighting.

Similarly with Toad, in DOFP he's about 18, so by X1 he should be mid 40's but doesent really look it.

Why don't Wolverine and Sabretooth know each other in X1? You can argue Wolverine was mind wiped but Sabretooth doesen't seem to recognise him at all.

I'm sure there is more, just feels a bit like FOX are clinging to this franchise, with the announcement of Gambit appearing in Apocalyose and then getting his own solo movie, it seems like this franchise is never gonna end, for me, I'd take Apocalypse, then REBOOT!!

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