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Default Re: Optimus Prime : Legendary Autobot Leader [vol.2]

Originally Posted by Anubis Raptor View Post
Yes I also noticed that terry. Not sure why he did that but it looked cool.
It did look awesome, even better when Optimus asked Galloway that question, the look he gives him just before he looks away was awesome.

Anyway, it looked like it was Lennox he was looking at, not just some random guy.

Originally Posted by Dr. Indiana Jones View Post
heh... Optimize! Whoo hooo!

Optimus was so badass in ROTF. I liked the ending where he and Sam are standing together side by side. Can't wait to see what their adventure will be in the third.
That was an awesone scene, I just cant wait to see more Optimus in the 3rd movie, possibly one of my favourite characters ever.

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