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Default Re: Optimus Prime : Legendary Autobot Leader [vol.2]

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
Thanks man!

BTW, my best scene in the film, the one i had the most goosebumps, was when Prime came back to life. The music was playing loud, Prime coughed to life and started lifting himself up: "booy... you returned for meee"
And Jetfire made it even better by feeling humble in front of him!
It was one of the best dramatic scene's in the movie, definately, Prime waking up saying that line, then Jetfire saying "Wow, a living Prime." It was awesome, wish Jetfire would have been in it more to be honest.

Originally Posted by Smegger56 View Post
Everytime Optimus was in the film, I was excited to watch him. When he wasn't on screen, i was not interested.

IMO, Optimus saved this film. He was so BAD ASS in it. They really used him well. Great character and great voice (well done Peter Cullen).

The best scene, IMO, was seeing him fight 3 or 4 decptacons and then being killed. Wow, I felt like i was watching the 86 film again. I choked up.


I wouldnt say Prime 'saved' the movie, as there were many scene's without him that I enjoyed immensely. But, everytime he was on screen, I couldnt take my eyes away, and he had some of, if not the, best scene's in the movie.

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