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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Who is that actress? You identified Kate Bosworth, but I have no clue who this one is.

It's Cerina Vincent, and she's too Italian looking for Jessica Drew. I can't see what about her makes her anything like Jessica, other than her having big boobs.

Jessica needs a good actress who would seem as if she could fit right into a period drama and seem as if she belongs in another time.

If you don't want someone who is super hot, I did suggest British actress Rebecca Hall (The Prestige, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Dorian Gray) before. She is very attractive, but not supermodel hot. However, she has that almost Victorian quality that was so characteristic of early Jessica Drew. She could also portray that troubled woman who is slightly morally ambiguous when she first breaks free from Hydra and reacquaints herself with the modern world.

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