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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

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If it were a TV series it should be on the CW, where it would be right at home and would have a chance to develop instead of being on a broadcast network.

Instead of trying to make her a spy, they should just adapt her original comic run and its tone more or less as it was. It would completely fit in with the whole supernatural tone and appeal to Twilight fans. I would see it as similar to Buffy and Angel (probably more like Angel but of course with a female private investigator). There could be hints of Alias, but it should be more like Angel.
but she isn't a supernatural character, she has from time to time fought them but thats not what her comic was all about. using Hydra as her background for her powers and training is good. i would have her looking for her father as the main story and keeping her on the move while being hunted by Hydra.

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What made Hawkgirl so much more deserving of a spotlight than Aquaman? The answer is her vagina--
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