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Default So Ms. Marvel and Falcon are definitely in? Oh and what about Ant Man?

People keep talking about Ms. Marvel as if she is definitely in the movie but I can't find that confirmation anywhere so I was wondering if anyone knew if she has been confirmed to be in Avengers 2?

And as for Falcon we are pretty sure he is in Captain America 2 but people have also been talking about him as if he is confirmed but I can't find that anywhere either.

I'd be fine with either of these characters making appearances (although Ms. Marvel would require a LOT of storytelling that may be a bit much for a team-up movie) but I need to know if it's official so that I'm don't get excited over nothing.

As for Ant Man, I saw the release date announcement and I am unsure about what to make of that. It's coming out after the Avengers 2 (only months after but still after). This means one of two things... Will Ant Man be kept out of Phase II and kept for a possible Phase III involving Ultron? Or will Ant Man be introduced in Avengers 2 THEN given his own movie. I am inclined to think the latter because I have heard many GA members talking about how stupid of a concept Ant Man seems to them and how no one will go to see that movie. I think that Marvel has sort of caught wind of this so they'll put Pym or Lang into Avengers 2 first THEN bring out his solo movie when he'd hopefully have gained some fans. I really hope that this is the case...

But yeah if anyone can provide links to any information on these three characters, it'd be much appreciated

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