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Default Re: So Ms. Marvel and Falcon are definitely in? Oh and what about Ant Man?

At this point, there's no confirmation anywhere about future Avengers. I *believe* Whedon was quoted recently as saying there would definitely be one or two new Avengers, but I don't think he named them. When Mackie was confirmed for Falcon, he seemed to think that Avengers was part of his contract, and he's probably right. As for Ms. Marvel, we had a recent casting rumor for Carol Danvers (Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson in the running, IIRC), but it's not clear which movie that would be for. *If* that Carol rumor is true, I think it would be more likely for a cameo in one of the Phase II movies than a full-blown Ms. Marvel superheroine role; I think they'll hold off on her "suiting up" until Phase III.

But everything is still guesswork at this point.


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