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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by antsman41 View Post
He can bend his neck there... So why didn't they use that thinner cowl material all of the time?
That's actually kind of a misconception about all of the Batfilm cowls--you actually do have a degree of movement (except maybe the cowl from B89), it just doesn't look good if you move your head around because the cowl isn't designed to do it--the mouth area and eyeholes (etc..) will stay in place even though you're turning your head.

If you watch through a lot of Returns, Forever and even Batman & Robin you can see moments where the actors are turning their heads (about 45 degrees) or looking up/down. On Blu-ray you can even sometimes see creases in the necks of the suits caused by moving the head in them.

In Returns especially in the street fight and whatnot, Batman turns his head often. The best example I can think of is what he throws the remote control Batarang.

Yeah, not a lot of movement... but more than stereotypes of those films will admit to.

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