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Default Re: SPOILER ALERT: Anyone bothered by....

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Images show the Sentinels in the past. There's a still of one standing at Ronald Reagan's inauguration. The viral website also states 1973 as the year that Trask Industries unveils the Sentinel Program, and 2020 as the year when the Mark 10 Sentinel is created. So there have already been nine different Sentinel models by that point.
Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
You are way, way off in your understanding of the timelime.

Here, take a look at the Trask Industries website, which will show you that the Mark I was released in 1973, way before The Wolverine! And, like I explained, since we've been shown the timeline in X1-3, First Class, Origins and The Wolverine; we know that the Sentinals do not yet exist in the timeline we've been shown. So for the Sentinals to be released in 1973 something MUST have changed prior to that time, affecting the timeline and possibly changing everything and anything from that moment on!
Ah right, I must have missed all of that, thanks for the info guys, I have never really have taken to viral/internet marketing that comic book movies do so never bother with them.

Yeah this does change things a little, although it also explains the Sentinel in the DP in X-Men 3 as well. Its interesting stuff so now I really have no clue how it will all play out.

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