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Default Re: Anticipation for Sequel

Originally Posted by Showtime029 View Post
I am not saying Legendary is going to walk, you invented that theory. Legendary is not relying on monetary gain from one movie, they have signed a 25 movie deal. Heck they backed Beerfest. They also backed Lady in the Water.

Do you think WB lives and dies by Legendary Pictures?

They are currently contributing to Mike Dougherty's Trick R Treat, draw your own connections from that.

You are a bright guy no doubt and a true fan. Legendary aside,I can't fathom why you, as an obvious die-hard Superman fan, settle for the crap Singer gave us. At a time when Spidey and FF2 are getting the Cadillac treatment.

As I told someone else, for the life of me I can't figure some of you guys at times.

This is Superman - there should be no second rate writers, actors, FX or editing. We were had by Singer's wack pack and that an ever smaller group, thankfully it is shrinking, still tries to defend this mediocrity is beyond me.

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