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Default Re: Guy Pearce is Aldrich Killian

The cast they are putting together for IM3 is very impressive, all three Iron Man films have had outstanding casts, lets hope Mr. Black can bring some of his talent and take over this franchise, while I loved Favreau as director, he lost alittle of what made Iron man so good in Iron Man 2, granted now I loved both films, but IM2 was no received well by fans, fans wanted the same storytelling from the first film but more action, they got more action but less compelling story, hard to find a balance between the two, it can and has been done, just hard to do.
Adding Guy Pearce is huge as is Kingsley, frankly I can not wait, I suspect the extremis story arc maybe a result of the super soldier program, someone wanting to replicate it, just specutalion of course.

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