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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Da Games Elite View Post
I have a love-hate thing with this film. It really depends on when I watch it. Sometimes, if I'm in the right mindset, I really enjoy the atmosphere, how strange it is, the craziness...but like tonight, when I rewatched it, all I saw was how cringe worthy some of the ideas were, how Batman was a side-character in his own film, and, most importantly, how weird it all was. It felt like things happened because it looked cool. It didn't really feel like a movie, but rather was a little...sloppy.

I had not watched it for a while but it was on ITV2 last night so I watched it. Being someone who always loved BR, it was weird, this time it did not really do it for me. I turned it off with half an hour to go and just went to bed. Batman 89 having been on the week prior, I watched that and it was still great.

I'd never really noticed it before but Batman IS actually just a side character in this film. It's all about the Cat and the Bird. And what is up with Wayne Manor? 1) that is not the building from the first film and 2) it looks like a model.

Another thing that always bugged me about BR is that you can tell it was shot entirely on sets;- the narrow-ness of the streets and how Bats only ever drives 10mph through em, when the Bat and the Cat are scrappin on the rooftops, you can tell the buildings in the background are not real. You can really see the difference without Anton Furst and any location shoots.

I love the weirdness of it and Michelle and DeVito are awesome, but when I actually get past the initial nerdgasm of seeing Keaton in a new Batsuit driving the Burtonmobile, well, the film leaves a lot to be desired and imo is nowhere near as good as the first one.

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