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Default Re: Odd or amusing things to wonder while watching Thor...

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
hahah It *is* cute!

Here you can get both the Loki and the Thor bobblehead dolls for $35. And it includes Thor's helmet! You don't see that every day. lol
Thor bobblehead: "I will not fight you, brother!"


Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Yes, I think that Loki must surely be nekkid *all* the time. (Including when he sat on Odin's throne.) That's why he's shirtless in the Simonson run. The Army would not abide by any other arrangement.

(More seriously, it may be that he is wearing a blue shirt and pants like Thor does when he gets exiled and sent through the Bifrost to earth.)
Ewww.... there is some youtube cartoon parody where Odin's throne is a "throne" if you get my drift. LOL Double ewwwww.....

No surely must be a green shirt and pants, Loki is partial to green remember.

Or Nekkid.... yeah... hrm....

I dont know if we'll see him shirtless in this, Tom seems sort of skinny right now. (I actually think he looks great, but in comparison to Hemsworth, I wouldnt blame him if he didnt want to go shirtless).

Didnt somebody actually have a petition to have him shirtless in Thor 2? Now that is utterly silly. If you want to see him shirtless (or even less) there is roles and pictures out there on the web. Just a silly thing to have a "petition" to have an actor do that. Especially when petitioning for an individual movie for the character would be much more worthwhile to all, and probably taken more seriously, or say, requesting the introduction of his mythological/comics wife.

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